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Martial Arts for Women

Martial Arts is very popular with ladies and is a great activity to help you reach a number of goals. Whether it is Karate, Kickboxing or Boxing you would like to learn there is something for everyone.


As well as our mixed sex regular classes some academies also have ladies only classes with female instructors. Or why not book an instructor to come to your book club, guides group, work place or even hen party!


Some of the reasons women take up this sport are;


Self confidence - a great way to meet new friends and feel positive about yourself


Weight loss - burn the calories whilst having fun


Toning - fantastic way to tone those problem areas


Alertness / reactions - be more aware with regards to your personal safety


Confidence - watch your confidence grow whilst you learn new skills


Socialising - we seem to attract really, really nice people from all walks of life.


Making new friends - as above we are not a cliquey bunch and love meeting new people


Learning a skill for life - like riding a bike you will never forget your training and the friends you make


At British Martial Arts a large proportion of our members are female who are all welcoming and understanding to new and slighty nervous female students.


Almost half of our instructors are female too!!!



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